Experience of use Bentolit

Katerina, the city of Wels.

How did I lose weight with a Bentolite Drink with Bentonite Clay - before and after using it

Hello everyone. Today I decided to tell my story about my weight reaching 105 kg, how do I lose weight, what means to use help me lose weight and most importantly, the positive aspects oflife was revealed to me then!

Experience how I lost 60 kg in one year

I have been overweight since birth. And, as I get older, my weight increases. By the time I graduate from college, I weigh at least 105 kg. I force myself to exercise, but even the toughest exercises have not yielded good results.

I think all girls with similar problems will agree with me. The added weight makes life much more difficult, both personally and professionally. At first, I realized that being overweight is the reason why half men are only friends with me. And when I started working and building my career, I realized that even with all my ability, those who were thinner and more beautiful in turn got promoted.

And only then did I seriously think about my weight and resolutely seek out methods and methods that could help me lose weight. First of all, I went to see a registered dietitian.

Bentolite slimming drink - what is it, how to use it

The nutritionist turned out to be an experienced doctor, and she did research on my test history and results. I recommend continuing to exercise for the same tune. And she has an appointment with Bentolite. She told me what it was.

experience using BENTOLIT slimming drink with bentonite clay

Through the doctor's words and self-read information online, Bentolite is a fast slimming drink based on bentonite clay. Of course, at first I was worried about having to drink some kind of clay, but in reality things got much better and more pleasant.

This weight loss product is sold as a powder that must be brewed, for example instant coffee or cocoa. The way to make a drink is very easy - pour 200 ml of hot water into two teaspoons of powder (you can replace it with skim milk). Mix well with a spoon or shaker. The drink is delicious too - it's like a cappuccino with cinnamon flavor.

On the advice of my doctor, I have been drinking this drink throughout the year on a personal schedule. Consistently for 30 days each evening before going to bed, then take a week off and then continue for 30 days. And so in a circle all year round. After each monthly session, I went to see a nutritionist. I started a magazine where I recorded changes in my weight and health.

After using Bentolite - my results and achievements

After the first and second month of using Bentolite, the weight has lost 30 kg. After 6 months - I have already lost 45 kg and by the end of the annual course - minus 60 kg! At the same time, I eat and drink as usual, going to exercise 2 times a week (one session lasts 40 minutes). I have never noticed any other side effects or negative reactions while taking Bentolite. The physical condition is excellent - I have an unrecognizable transformation on the surface. The moment I lost weight, there was a lyceum graduate evening where I studied. No one recognized me right away, and then everyone was shocked. The whole evening they just talked about me.

Two years ago, in a sports complex where I went to exercise, I met a man who is now my husband. At work, she received a long-awaited promotion. Here's how a simple Bentolite slimming drink changed my life for the better. Now I use a weekly regimen, once a month to keep in shape. Introduce!