Instructions for use Bentolit

Bentolite - features and general information

Release form:

beverage powder


100 g / pack

Main active ingredient:

bentonite mouth clay


cinnamon cappuccino

Nutrition information (1 serving - 14 g):

protein - 4 years,

carbohydrates - 7, 5 g.

Energy value:

45 kcal / 190 kJ


under 18 years old

Bentolite is a quick weight loss drink based on bentonite clay. Used to lose weight. Improves metabolism and normalizes the digestive tract, eliminates appetite and removes toxins and harmful metals (lead, mercury, aluminum) from the body. In addition, strengthen the immune system, improve intestinal microflora. Has antibacterial effect.

A drink for men and women. Not harmful to the body, does not cause an allergic reaction. Products are labeled Eurasian Conformity (EAC), have certificates and patents for implementation in the Philippines. Clinical studies and trials have confirmed the high quality of the drink, and consumer reviews confirm the drink's efficacy and properties, declared positive results after useuse.

An innovative way to lose weight - just use it:

  • obesity and overweight, desire to lose weight
  • increases cravings and frequent cravings for snacking
  • digestive disorders (diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, etc. )
  • poisoning, vomiting, needing detox
  • diseases in the form of skin allergies (rash, acne).

For all of the above symptoms, Bentolite can help ease the effectiveness. Moreover, the results will not be long. One reception is enough. The exception is problems with a rash on the skin (in this case, you will need to take the medicine daily for 3-7 days for a clear result), overweight or obese. To lose weight, it takes a course, time depending on the degree of obesity and weight gain.

how to prepare and drink bentolite slimming drink with bentonite clay - dosage

bentolit drink - how to use to lose weight

Easy and convenient application is another advantage of this slimming drink. To prepare one serving, stir two teaspoons of powder in skim milk (200 ml) or water. Should use a shaker for better mixing. Sac drink once a day is enough. Application process:

  • up to 15 kg - within two to three weeks
  • from 15 to 30 kg - within one to two months
  • from 30 to 60 kg - one course of hospitalization for 6-12 months, with a seven-day break every four weeks.

Only using the right drinks will ensure positive results. Each package of Bentolite has instructions to review before use.