Where to get motivation to lose weight?

The girl found motivation to lose weight and find her dream body

I wish I could lose weight and get my dream body, right? And it seems that this algorithm has been known for a long time and a wealth of information is available on the Internet. As they say, trouble comes from where we don't expect it: our cunning brains resist changes in our usual lifestyle. Motivation - this simple word has become a real scourge of our time. Let's find out how to motivate yourself to lose weight: effective methods, useful tips, inspirational phrases - all this is waiting for you in this article.

Types of motivation

Forewarned, forewarned! Before jumping into any major undertaking (and losing weight is quite a massive and complex task), you need to "tighten your gear" and find out what the real motivation behind this motivation is. What. This is also important because you can easily understand which method to influence yourself. Below we will look at what types of motivation exist and how they can be used in the context of losing extra pounds.


Positive motivation is the classic "carrot" method, where achieving a goal or progress toward it is associated with pleasant emotions and your desire to continue is driven by desire. get these feelings. For example:

  • By losing weight, you will enjoy a large purchase that you have been putting off for a long time;
  • family and friends encourage your progress, encourage and praise your successes;
  • After losing weight, you will be able to participate in the competition you have always dreamed of.

This type of motivation works well for positive people who do not tend to be overly self-critical, as well as for people who need to lose a small amount of kilos, in general, life is already good.


Negative or negative motivation is the "sticky" method. In this case, your main motivation is fear. For example:

  • I'm so tired of being overweight that I don't want to look at myself in the mirror;
  • going to the gym because of fear of gaining/losing more weight;
  • Weight becomes a serious health threat.

This type of motivation works best if you are faced with a choice: "do or die". It can be used when the problem is urgent and the goal must be achieved at all costs.


Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation are many types of positive and negative motivation that can occur in both types. Behind external motivation there is often another person, circumstances and conditions around you. That is, there is something from the outside that leads to the result.


Unlike extrinsic motivation, intrinsic motivation does not depend on surrounding factors - in this case, motivation lies within you. If you move to another country, another environment and different conditions, your desire to lose weight will remain the same.

How to deal with the fear of starting

Do you think you need strong motivation because you are a procrastinator? Sometimes the problem is not laziness but the banal fear of starting something new. The brain always responds to changes in lifestyle by worrying about our health. Therefore, any stress - such as cutting back on your food intake, eliminating familiar foods from your diet, strenuous exercise - can keep you from starting to lose weight, right away. even if you just simply think about it. Let's figure out what to do with it now.

Develop a clear action plan

Any, even the most global goal is just hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of small steps. We often do not realize this, so we do not even get down to business - we simply cannot imagine how to move from the current point A to the beloved point B. Everything will be much easier if you thoroughly write down a list of your steps on paper or notes on your smartphone - from approximate diet to workout schedule and actionsin case of collapse (this is very important).

Do not rush

We often try to change ourselves once and for all, radically changing our usual rhythm and lifestyle. Naturally, this leads to a breakdown because leaving your comfort zone is always stressful. To have enough strength and desire to achieve your cherished goal, start your journey slowly. Remember that weight loss is a long journey and there is no need to rush it. Start by changing one bad habit, keep it that way for a few weeks until it sticks, and only then move on to the next habit.

Just do it

Thinking about starting a new life is exciting and pleasant. You can think of countless different scenarios, develop strategies, get bogged down in doubts. . . Yes, even read articles about motivation! : ) Wouldn't it be easier to start? To take the first step, it is enough for you to at least lie in the direction of your dream. And for the first changes to happen, you need to grit your teeth and walk - you will definitely succeed.

How losing weight will improve your life

So, when you decide to start the exciting process called "weight loss", it's time to understand why you need it. After all, we are all only aiming for goals that we passionately desire, right? Below are the most common consequences of weight loss that people who are losing weight dream of. Choose the people closest to you!


After losing weight, you will finally look at yourself in the mirror with the complete feeling that you are handsome. There will be no more complications and "problems" that prevent you from enjoying your body. And with this comes complete confidence. You will feel in control much more often. Many things that you previously only dreamed about will no longer concern you, because you now know what you are capable of.


Excess weight always leads to many problems. And this is not only a huge burden on the joints, cardiovascular system and thyroid gland. If we are talking only about gaining 5-7 kg, your body will still thank you for getting rid of them. Along with weight, skin problems caused by excess sugar and fat will disappear, digestion and metabolism will improve, a feeling of lightness in the stomach will energize and energize.

New perspective

After achieving their goals, people begin to feel completely different than before. They live life with joy and discover more and more new things for themselves, maybe a job that you previously thought you were not qualified for or a new hobby. Achieving success in one field, you will begin to believe in yourself and explore this world much more actively.

Important!This is the main thing that everyone looking to motivate themselves to lose weight needs to understand: if you need someone's "magic nudge" to get started and you constantly procrastinate, it canmeaning you don't want to achieve the goal. the results are still strong enough (or in your mind It's not worth the effort. )

Everyone has their own "wish" list that is currently unattainable due to being overweight. After losing weight, you will not only gain self-confidence and good health, but also experiment with a new lifestyle: you will start wearing clothes that were not there before, you will be able to go to the beach and poolwithout being shy, you will become an example and inspiration for others. And how many successful nutritionists and fitness trainers ever started by losing weight themselves!

What are the consequences of delaying "new life"?

Time is passing

Do you think you will always have time to lose weight? Do you promise yourself to start every Monday? But all this time, the days of your precious life are passing by - your only days, by the way. Think about where you might be right now if last year you had started the journey for no reason. Do you want to experience the same disappointment in a year? If not, the choice is yours.

Metabolism gets worse

Every year, it becomes more and more difficult for the average person to lose weight - this is a fact. Metabolism slows down, habits take root, and daily life becomes more stressful. With age, muscles no longer "move" easily. Don't forget that when you delay your path to a healthy lifestyle until later, you're naturally digging yourself into a deeper hole and moving further and further away from your goals.

The dream is getting further and further away

Sociologists have noticed something interesting: if a guy doesn't approach a girl he likes within the first 30 seconds of noticing her, there's a high chance he'll never see her again. her too. If there is not enough momentum, more and more excuses and doubts will appear. But this works not only for girls - the easiest way is to start achieving your goal from the first thought of it. How long have you been putting off losing weight since you first thought about it? Every day you move further and further away from your dream. And your chances of success tomorrow will be less than now.

The main secret of self-motivation

It's time to discover the key secret to weight loss motivation that works for both women and men. The problem is that it doesn't help you lose weight at all. Or rather, it's not like that: it works quite well, but its lifespan is no more than a few weeks. And you can evaluate the first results of healthy weight loss no earlier than a month. Do you know what I mean?

If you are still looking for motivation to lose weight every day, give up this idea and better work with your will. Discipline and routine will become your new best friends. No amount of "external" motivation will work if you don't change your consciousness. And all you need is perseverance and time.

But don't be upset yet: the motivation to lose weight among girls, boys, children and adults is not at all a myth. It exists and even works well if you use it as the first push towards your goals. Below I will tell you in more detail about specific ways to motivate yourself to lose weight according to the advice of psychologists, and in return, promise yourself that you will not give up on your dreams. me too.

Where to find motivation to lose weight: 5 effective ways

Surround yourself with the topic of weight loss from all sides

Do you know which method of learning from abroad is considered by teachers to be the most effective? All you need to do is write them on brightly colored pieces of paper or pictures and place them all over your apartment: on the refrigerator, in the bedroom, on the screen protector of your phone. The more often your eyes encounter these words, the more familiar they will become to you and the faster your brain will remember them.

Same here. You need to make sure that the topic of healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and weight loss accompanies you throughout the day. Subscribe to thematic groups on social media. network, find like-minded people, listen to podcasts by topic and watch videos on the topic. You yourself will not notice how your brain will begin to perceive the new lifestyle as a norm.

Set clear goals

It is impossible to go through a long, thorny road without burning your eyes. You must have a strong desire to reach the finish line and to do this, you need to understand what you are striving for. Without clear, specific and measurable goals, forcing yourself to lose weight will be very difficult and all motivation will be powerless. Here are some tips on how to best set your goals:

  • more specifically - think through all the conditions of your final result;
  • don't forget that goals must be realistic and achievable;
  • Set a clear deadline by which you must reach the finish line.

Reward yourself for the results you achieve

Achieving your goal will become much easier if there is a valuable prize waiting for you at the end. Think about the big purchase or intangible thing you dream about - it will be a great motivator for you to stick to your diet and get closer to your goals. Meanwhile, while the weight loss process continues, you will have time to save money for your dream.

Find a role model in your environment

One of the best motivators is the example of weight loss from your acquaintances and friends. Find someone in your circle who has been on this path and find out how successful he has been. If this is your close friend, you will be able to consult with him on various issues and get some useful life tips. And in addition, his example, like no other, will prove to you that changing your life is possible.

Fall in love

Hormones can work wonders, making us indifferent to junk food and making us want to change to become better versions of ourselves. Of course, loving on command is impossible. But nothing prevents you from socializing a little more often, spending time with cheerful acquaintances and communicating with girls. Even if you don't meet your love now, by becoming more active you will meet more girls, which can motivate you to lose weight.

Quotes from famous people to motivate yourself

  • "There is nothing better than living life striving to become better. "Socrates
  • "The journey to a thousand pounds starts with a hamburger. " Chris O'Brien
  • "If you don't give your body the best, you're just robbing yourself. "Julius Erving
  • "If you feel like giving up, remember why you persevered in the past. "Jared Leto
  • "Ultimately, your health is your responsibility. "Jillian Michaels

Motivational phrases

  • "Strength is not something you can do. Having the strength to overcome what you thought you couldn't do. "
  • "Losing extra pounds doesn't start in the gym. It all starts with your mindset. "
  • "In three months, you will thank yourself. "
  • "Excuses don't burn calories. "
  • "No need to hurry, just go. "
  • "The question is not whether you can do it or not. And when you do it. "
  • "You don't gain any weight in a day; And you won't lose it in a day. Be patient. "
  • "Health care today gives me the best hope for tomorrow. "
  • "When you want to give up, think about why you started. "
  • "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day. "

How to make sure your motivation doesn't disappear

As mentioned earlier, the main secret of weight loss motivation (as much as anything else) is that its duration is measured in days. It's not difficult to get excited about an idea - the difficulty arises when you get used to your new lifestyle and it starts to bore you. There are some life tips that can help you maintain your exercise routine without difficulty.

Record your results

Keep a diary of your achievements, in which you will record your measurements, weight, and other results. And of course, don't forget to measure your parameters and step on the scale at least once a week. Even if you don't see results now, in the future, thanks to such detailed reporting, you will immediately notice progress and be able to improve your roadmap.

Take photos and record videos

The number of kilograms on the scale does not always show a clear picture of what is happening - weight can "spike" due to edema, undigested food, and even simply an increase in muscle mass(much heavier than fatty tissue). In this case, regularly taking photos of your body will be a great motivator to continue losing weight.

Cheat eating

A cheat meal (from the English cheat meal) is a special day where you give yourself a little laziness and gradually eat something that is forbidden on normal days. Cheat meals are beneficial both psychologically and physically, so they should definitely be included in your weight loss routine. Determine for yourself how regular such days are: on average, cheat meals are held 1-2 times a month.

Don't blame yourself for moments of weakness

Prepare in advance for breakdowns - only in this case it will not prevent you from moving forward. Don't punish yourself by "exercising" extra calories, and especially don't think that all is lost. If a problem occurs, analyze what the problem is (this most often happens when you are too hungry and a "forbidden" item gets in your eyes, but there are other reasons) and come to a conclusion forfuture.

Important!Weight loss never happens linearly - it's a very long, bumpy road full of unforeseen circumstances. If you are ready for this, nothing will divert you from your path.

Remember why you are doing this

Always remind yourself of three things:

  • When do you decide to start;
  • what are you planning to do;
  • What are you running from?

Motivational phrases, quotes, examples, life tips are just "food" for the brain. Real effectiveness only comes from will and trained habits. Keep this in mind and don't rush to look for new inspiration as soon as the motivational effect wears off. Nurture and strengthen your character and remember that you can do more than you think!