Slimming drink made from bentonite clay

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Bentolite is a quick weight loss drink based on bentonite clay. Initial product price ₱1599 excluding discount. Delivery - Philippines, you can receive the parcel at the post office or it will be delivered to your door by express delivery. Payment after receiving the goods in person.

You can get your drinks with door to door service in Zhe Tang Santos:

  • via the official website, leave your request via the order form, indicate your phone number and name in the order form
  • waiting for a response - within an hour, the manager will contact you and answer questions
  • Indicate the address and delivery date, full cost of the parcel

Attention! There's a special offer "-50% DISCOUNT" - there's time to get it for the official price.

How to buy in Zheneral Santos Bentolit

Now everyone can lose weight without tiring training and prolonged diet, even those who previously did not manage to get slim with hard effortstowel. Meet the innovation in the diet - a quick slimming drink based on bentonite clay!

Bentolite is an effective weight loss method for women and men. Improve metabolism, heal whole body. Drinks that are easy to make, convenient, and have a pleasant taste (mild cinnamon cappuccino). Costs in the Philippines do not include discounts and shipping costs of ₱1599. You can receive and receive goods and pay for them at the post office or at a postal courier unit. The exact cost of delivery by courier may vary depending on the distance to the receiving city.

Please note, only today -50% DISCOUNT. Valid for orders through the official website. On the website, fill out the form to be able to purchase Bentolit to receive promotions

How to order Bentolite and receive goods at Zhe Tang Santos:

  • leave a request on our website - enter your name and phone number
  • waits for operator to call for details
  • receive and pay after 2-14 days at Zhehew Santos

To avoid misunderstanding, please carefully record the parcel receipt data (Philippines, Zhe Tang Santos, street, house number, area code).